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New Closeup Red Hot Mouthspray gives you instant freshness on-the-go! We can all use an instant boost of confidence when met with important and sometimes unexpected moments in our day whether it’s a coffee date or an important presentation at work. But we are not ready if our breath is not ready. That’s where Closeup Red Hot Mouthspray comes in. Get instant Closeup confidence anytime, anywhere with this travel friendly mouth spray. Infused with clove oil, it fights germ and freshens breath in an instant so that you are always ready to make your move or be the best version of yourself. It contains 0% added sugar or alcohol. It’s 100% vegetarian and delivers your favourite Closeup Red Hot flavour! Just spray, refresh and you are ready to go. 

FDI - World Dental Federation recognizes that brushing twice daily with Closeup Deep Action Menthol Chill Gel is beneficial to oral health. Features & Benefits- Experience the ultimate fresh burst of freshness from Closeup Closeup Menthol Chill helps you get upto 12 hours of fresh breath This shiny gel infused with active zinc mouthwash helps you get the best sparkling white smile Active Zinc Mouthwash cleans deep corners of your mouth of germs, which hasty brushing often misses Let nothing stop you from getting close to the one you desire Closeups fresh breath confidence will help you to make your first move on the person you like

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