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  • Categories: Spreads, Sauces & Ketchup
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Price ₹33.25 Regular price ₹35.00

Natural Honey Mirrors Its Desert Origins, Gracefully Light, Its Warm Earthy Textures Are Mixed With An Exquisite Blend Of Herbal Flora



Price ₹25.20 Regular price ₹28.00

Honey lends an appealing taste to many recipes ranging from baked goods to main dishes. However, honey can be and is utilized in cooking for an enormous many other reasons. Lion Kashmir Honey is extorted from the nectar collected by the bees from Kashmir


777 PICKLE - GARLIC , 50 Gm

Price ₹9.00 Regular price ₹10.00

Typical Tasty n Tangy South Indian (Chennai) Pickle made using Fresh Garlic Pods nicely peeled and pickled using salt and other spices blended and seasoned with mustard and edible oil. Tastes very good with curd rice, Dosa, Poori, breads, Chappathi etc.